b. 1984 Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Maria Esthela is a self-taught artist currently settled in the territory of Tiohtià:ke - Mooniyang; colonially known as Montreal, Canada.
Her practice is concerned with the synchronicity and transversality of tangible and liminal states through her scintillating use of light and transparency, referencing patterns that repeat across philosophy, science, nature and the unknown.
She blends and contrasts the spectrums of the undefined, the relative and the impossible as an non-linear exploration of entangled knowledge systems, discerning and revealing hidden paradigms that intertwine with our physical world; a sensitivity that has manifested from her autistic and immigrant experience.
She works with a range of materials that coincide in their optical properties, and through arrangement and technology harnesses their capacity to reflect or refract light like coded rhythms, a poetic proposal on the discursive gestures and agential articulations of energy-matter.  
Guided by systems thinking, research, paradox, movement and meditation, her practice is handmade, process-based and occasionally site-responsive.
She has developed an abstract language ​​that seeks to evoke thoughtful lightness and an emotional gravitas, drawing lines of inquiry and points of reflection that trace and transcend the realm of reason, reorienting and adjusting our focus to what lies in between and beyond.
2023 Philadelphia, United States - The Spite Haus, Group Exhibit September 2023, Love's Other Name

2023 Reykjavik, Iceland - SIM Residency Open Space Group Exhibit June 2023
2023 Reykjavik, Iceland - SIM Residency Artist Talk & Group Exhibit May 2023
2023 Montréal, Canada - Les Printemps du MAC Benefit Auction & Artist Talk
2022 Montréal, Canada - MIIDSPACE, Solo Exhibition, Particle Perspectives, A sculptural Installation
2022 Montréal, Canada - LivArt, Contemporary Drawing
2020 Montréal, Canada - Solo Exhibition, 5500, Digital Sculpture Installation & Performance
2019 Toronto, Canada - Group Show, Off Nuit Blanche, GAIA, 3 Part Video Installation

2023 SÍM Residency, Reykjavik, Iceland 
2022 - 2023 Arsenal Contemporary Residency, Montréal, Canada

2022 Canada Arts Council, Research & Creation

2022 The Systems View of Life, Capra Course, Online
2012 Escuela de Fotografia e Imagen, Madrid, Spain

2019-2020 InterAccess, Toronto, Canada